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Changing Exhibits Fund

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Helping MOR fulfill its mission of inspiring lifelong learning for generations to come.

Ours is a world full of incredible wonders. A world of kings and emperors. Of artists and adventurers. Of the tiniest creatures and the largest beasts.

Every year, MOR’s Changing Exhibits reveal the mysteries and marvels of our amazing world to all of Montana and beyond. We open minds to fascinations and curiosities never before seen. We explore bright new ideas, peer into the distant past and look ahead into an exciting future.

These remarkable exhibits inspire young and old to learn, provide families with unique moments of discovery and sharing, and give schoolchildren a constantly evolving backdrop for understanding the world around us.

It’s our mission. It’s our passion. Yet without you, none of it could ever happen.

Your donation to our Changing Exhibits Fund during tonight’s Pay It Forward Auction will help ensure MOR can continue to bring internationally renowned and celebrated exhibits to our community year after year. And generation after generation.

So please give generously during tonight’s Pay It Forward Auction in support of MOR’s Changing Exhibits Fund.

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