Caterers and Event Grand Tasting

Attendees of the 16th Annual Wine & Culinary Classic sampled the following culinary delights. 

Thank you to the generous caterers!

df = Dairy Free | gf = Gluten Free | v = Vegan | veg = Vegetarian | ! = Potential allergens or this item is served raw or undercooked and may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Big Sky Resort

Presented by Executive Chef Todd Christensen

Smoked Trout & Quinoa Fritter served on a bed of super greens slaw with a maple yuzu dressing (gf)
Oxtail and Foie gras Terrine with house made beet kraut (gf, df)
Ski Hill Sliders – 5 spice pork belly with hoisin/sriracha sauce and green apple sesame greens (df)


Presented by Chef David Rabinowitz

Rose & Berry Otter Pops (veg, gf, df)
Rice Chips with Poached Salmon – spruce, dill, charred citrus (gf, df)
Garden Macaron – basil, tomato, ricotta, watercress (veg, gf)(contains dairy)

Blacksmith Italian

Presented by Chef Cory Dragone

Chilled Sweet Corn Soup – cremini mushroom relish, Buck’s T4 duck bacon, scallion oil (veg, gf) (contains dairy)
7 Spruce Farms Tomato Bruschetta – red onions, capers, garlic, basil, balsamic, Italian olive oil, pecorino romano cheese, crostini (veg) (contains wheat and dairy)
Yellowstone Grassfed Beef Tartare – mustard, vinaigrette, pasteurized egg yolk, pickled red onion, crostini (!, df) (contains egg and wheat)

Blondie Bakes & Catering Co.

Presented by Chef Jana Buhl & Sous Chef May Branton

Coconut Cloud Trifle (contains wheat, eggs, milk, dairy)
Chocolate Espresso Brulee Tart (contains wheat, eggs, milk, dairy)
Chocolate Mousse Trifle with Raspberry-Pinot Noir Coulis (gf) (contains dairy, milk)
Raspberry-Limoncello Tiramisu (contains wheat, dairy, milk, eggs)
Sauternes Wine Poached Pear & Mascarpone Cream Tart (contains wheat, milk, dairy, eggs)
Chocolate Cups with Pink Champagne Mousse &Fresh Berries (gf) (contains milk, dairy, eggs)

Chef’s Table Food Truck

Presented by Executive Chef Ryan Cotterell

Ahi Poke (gf, df) (contains soy and fish)
Roasted Tomato Crostini (veg)(contains wheat and milk)
Mini East Coast Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli – crab meat is flown in from Florida (contain shellfish, eggs, wheat)

Clark’s Fork

Presented by Owner Jeff Riggs

Chicken Basil – natural pan seared chicken wrapped with fresh basil leaf, Havarti, and salt-cured prosciutto
Pork Loin – hard cider glazed pork loin with caramelized onion and glazed apple (gf, df)
Beef Stroganoff – Stroganoff on a Stick! Marinated beef in a red wine cream sauce with dilled garlic potato and sauteed mushroom.

Dave’s Sushi

Presented by Owners Aaron Parker and Cam Holt

An assortment of Maki Rolls:
California Roll (df, gf, !)
Ebi Roll – cooked shrimp, avocado, cucumber (df, gf)
Smoked Salmon Roll – smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber (df, gf)
Veggie Roll – avocado, cucumber, carrot (df, gf)
Kappa Rolle – cucumber (df, gf)
Ahi Roll – tuna, avocado, cucumber (df, gf, !)
Spicy Tuna Roll – tuna, Sriracha mixture, pure sesame oil, salt (df, gf, !)
Salmon Roll – salmon, avocado, cucumber (df, gf, !)
Hamachi Roll – yYellowtail, avocado, cucumber (df, gf, !)
Bayou Roll – crawfish, Sriracha spice mix, Japanese
Mayo (Kewpie), Cucumber, and Avocado (df, gf, !)

Nigiri (fish pressed on rice):
Raw Hamachi (Yellowtail) (df, gf, !)
Raw Salmon (df, gf, !)
Smoked Salmon (df, gf)
Raw Ahi (Bigeye Tuna) (df, gf, !)
Ebi (Cooked Shrimp) (df, gf)

Grille 406

Presented by Owner Ryan Momot and Executive Chef Cory Johnston

Herb Crostini – filet, gorgonzola horseradish crema, bruschetta toms, shaved asparagus, balsamic glaze
Mahi Bites – served on blue corn chip, black bean corn pico, avocado crema, cojita cheese, micro cilantro, lime (gf)
Captain Morgan Vanilla Bread Pudding – cayenne caramel, sweet cream, candied bacon

Hummingbird’s Kitchen

Presented by Owner and Head Chef Linda Huang

Vegetarian Summer Roll (veg, gf, df)
Pan-fry Turkey Dumplings (df)(contains shellfish, wheat)
Savory Radish Cake (df)(contains shellfish, wheat

Joe's Parkway Market

Presented by Owner Tara Wantulok

Selection of Imported and Domestic Cheeses (gf, veg)
Imported Olives (gf, df, veg) and Other Antipasta, including Prosciutto Di Parma (gf, df)
Gourmet Crackers & Bread including Gluten Free options (gf)

La Châtelaine Chocolat Co.

Presented by Owners Jean-Pierre Wlady Grochowski and Shannon Hughes Grochowski

Lavender Rosemary (gf)
Into The Forest: Douglas Fir (gf)
French Marigold (gf)
Dandelion (gf)

*Contains dairy, soy lecithin, and may contain traces or nuts and peanuts.


Presented by Owners Lauryn Mathis and Keith Robins

 Dessert – Assorted Cupcakes*:
Zinfandel Marshmallow dipped in a Dark Chocolate Zinfandel Ganache (gf)
Chocolate Marshmallow filled with a Port Wine Jam (gf)
Cracked Pepper Macaron filled with a Syrah Buttercream (gf)
Rose Macaron filled with a Rose Buttercream (gf)
Noir Vin Rouge – a Zinfandel chocolate cake topped with a Chocolate/Zinfandel Ganache & Chocolate/Zinfandel Buttercream
Red Sangria – a Red Sangria Cake, filled with a bright Citrus Curd finished with a Red Sangria
Buttercream & a Candied Orange

*All spirits are reduced to contain zero alcohol. Cupcakes may contain tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat, soy, milk and/or dairy.

Pizza Campania

Presented by Owner Yvonne McDonald

 Pizza Margherita – San Marzano tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, basil (veg)(contains wheat, dairy)
Pizza Pepperoni – San Marzano tomato, pepperoni (contains wheat, dairy)
Pizza Carne y Verde – prosciutto, fennel sausage, spinach, feta, caramelized onions (contains wheat, dairy)
Local Beef & Pork Meatballs with Marinara (contains wheat, eggs, dairy)

Sadie’s Catering

Presented by Chef Sadie Morales

 Valencia Pork Tacos with cilantro mint chimichurri (gf, df)
Strawberry Balsamic Gazpacho Shooter (v, veg, gf, df)
Grilled Tri Tip Crostini with garlic Fresno aioli and local micro greens (eggs)

Seasonal Montana

Presented by Chef Melissa Harrison

 Smoked Trout Canape – smoked trout, crème fraiche, caper relish, cucumber edible flower (gf)
YGB Beef Canape – sliced Yellowstone Grass Fed beef chimichurri, shaved radish herb, micro green salad (df)
Mini Vegetable Spiral Tarts – shaved Summer vegetables, herb goat cheese pesto

Sola Café

Presented by Founder Tiffany Lach Principal Stacey Wenthe, & Savory Kitchen Manager Sarah Boeres

House-Smoked Wild Salmon Roasted Fingerlings with fresh dill creme Fraiche (gf, ef, nf)(contains dairy)
Beet Ceviche Shooters – roasted local organic beets, preserved lemon-herb gremolata, pickled shallot (gf, ef, nf, df)
Roasted Garlic Harissa Chickpea Hummus in endive cups (gf, ef, nf, df)

Town & Country

Presented by Chef Tyler Foster and Sous Chef Nick Hamley

Apricot Glazed Pork Loin with candied pecans and fried leeks (contains tree nuts)
Asian Salad in Wonton Cups – salad, cabbage, radish, green onion, carrots, mint, cilantro, water chestnut, almonds, lemon, ginger, cilantro and lemon ginger vinaigrette (veg)(contains tree nuts, wheat)
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs with sliced radish (contains egg, dairy, fish)

Tumblewood Teas

Presented by Riza Chase-Gilpin and Laurie Rennie

Iced Teas
Chico Cherry, rooibos – a cheerful sweet blend of cherry and zesty flavors
Raspberry Rose Petal, herbal – this rosy brew of fruits and flowers offers a bright juicy flavor
Bloomin’ Good, white – light and lovely, this blend of white teas and hibiscus petals presents a mildly tart finish
Lakeside Sunrise, green – a pleasingly complex but light blend of roots, fruits, flowers and herbs
Ginger Peachy, black - this perfect combination of ginger root, peaches, and black tea is aromatic and brightly flavored
Boulder River Currant, pu’erh – ride the creamy currant of deep wine-like fruity flavors in this smooth, full-bodied pu’erh

Hot Teas
Custer’s Nutty, rooibos – a wonderfully fragrant blend of South African rooibos and sweet pure white coconut with notes of caramel
Bright Montana Morning, herbal – zesty lemon with soothing herbs clears the mind and calms the spirit
Whoa Nilly, green – smooth and comforting, this gentle infusion whispers the rich flavor of Madagascar vanilla
Earlie Grey Dawn, black – beyond a classic favorite, the flavor of this rich aromatic blend is heightened by intensely fragrant bergamot oils
Black Forest Bandit, pu’erh – this luscious blend of pu’erh, cherries and dark chocolate is a scrumptious finish to a hearty meal (contains dairy, soy)

All of these teas are gluten free (except Black Forest Bandit), dairy-free, and sugar-free.


Presented by Chef Ashley Gutmann

Blue Cheese Canape – rosemary focaccia, blue cheese mousse, micro greens, macarona almonds (veg)(contains wheat, dairy, nuts)
Trout Rillette – smoked trout rillette on fresh baguette crostini topped with crème fraiche (contains fish, wheat, dairy)
Carnitas Tostadas – house fried tostada, slow roasted carnitas, black bean spread, shredded lettuce, jalapeno relish, mango habanero salsa, chipotle cream (contains dairy)

Montana Provisions

Special thanks to Eric Stenberg of Montana Provisions for his support of the Museum of the Rockies and the National Advisory Board.

Kenefick Ranch

Special thanks to Kenefick Ranch Vineyard for supporting the 16th Annual Wine & Culinary Classic.

Lehrkinds, Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Special thanks to Lehrkinds, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. for generously donating soda, beer, and water.

City Brew

Special thanks to City Brew for generously providing coffee.

Hilton Garden Inn Bozeman

Special thanks to Hilton Garden Inn Bozeman for providing wait staff for the event.