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Extreme History Project Lecture: Understanding the Intricacies of Identity and the Power of Imagery

At 29 years old, Apsaalooke/Tsistsistas (Crow/Northern Cheyenne) artist Ben Pease stands firmly upon the ideal of education via creativity as a contemporary storyteller. He and his family are currently residing near Billings, MT, USA. Pease's work is well known for its unique and culturally relevant style using historic photographic references while also touching on current events and issues simultaneously. You may have seen his use of both antique and contemporary items collaged into his work to create literal and conceptual reference points. As minorities in the world of Art, contemporary Indigenous artists are confronting issues like cultural appropriation, exotification, racism and stereotype disguised as appreciation and oblivion. Pease's work continually yet respectfully asks how and why?

"Many times, the question is more important than the answer. What really matters, is the path."

Sponsors: Extreme History Project, Bridger Care, Museum of the Rockies

NOTE: All lectures have a limited capacity and are open on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors open 30 minutes prior to each lecture. Attendees may not save seats for others.