Guitar Artifacts in the Exhibit

GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World Artifact List*

The Origin Of The Species
Tanbur (Persia)
Luo Nyatiti (Africa)
Oud (Mesopotamia)
Lute (Europe)

The Close Relatives
Pipa (China)
Balalaika (Russia)
Sitar (India)
Ukulele (Portugal and Hawai'i)
Mandolin (Spain)
Banjo (America)
Charango (South America)

The Transitions
Viheula (16th Century Spain)
Baroque Guitar (17th Century European)
Romantic Guitar (19th Century Germany)
Torres-Style Spanish guitar (19th Century Spain)
Spanish Guitar (20th Century)

The American Perspective
Martin Parlor
Gibson L-1
Martin 00-40H
Gibson Harp Guitar

Bigger Sound
Martin D-28
Gibson J-200
Gretsch Resonator/Dobro
Guild 12-String

Electricity Changes Everything
Rickenbacker Lapsteel
Gibson L4 CES
Fender Precision Bass
Fender Telecaster
Gibson Les Paul

Pop Culture & Mass Production
Silvertone Amp In Case
Sears Emenee Wingding
Gibson SG
Gibson Firebird

Unique Designs
Hofner 500/I Bass
Coral Sitar
Ovation Breadwinner
MusiConics Guitorgan
Vox Phantom/TeardropTeisco Spectrum

Material Issue
Dan Armstrong Acrylic
Ovation Roundback Acoustic
Aluminum Guitar
Parker Fly
Modern Classical

Over The Top
Ibanez Iceman
Steinberger Headless
Hondo H-1
PRS Dragon
Ibanez Jem

BC Rich 10-String
Bond Electraglide
XOX Handle
Roland G707 Synth Guitar
Visionary Instruments TeleVision

Modern Times
ODD 3D Printer Guitar
Air Guitar
Guitar Hero/Rock Band Controller
Cochran Boostercaster

The World’s Largest Playable Guitar
Certified by Guinness World Records. 43.5’ long, 16’ wide.


*Artifacts are subject to change and/or replacement with similar instruments.

The following artists, manufacturers, luthiers, and collectors have provided instruments, information, and/or support to the collection:

Steve Vai • Joe Bonamassa • Liona Boyd • Vic Flick • Johnny Winter • Adrian Belew • C.F. Martin and Company • Fender Musical Instruments • Pete Prown • David Hill/Nina Riccio • Phantom Guitarworks • EKO • National Resophonic • The Electrical Guitar Company • Dan Larson • Rich Maloof • PRS Guitars • Danser Guitar Works • Visionary Instruments • Starr Labs • XOX • Cochran Guitars • Manuel Rodriguez Guitars • Hercules Stands