January 26 – April 21, 2024

Conserving America’s Wildlands: The Vision of Ted Turner

Emmy-winning filmmaker Rhett Turner's photography celebrates his father's conservation efforts across 23 family properties, promoting sustainable land stewardship.

Rhett Turner is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker whose photography book, Conserving America’s Wildlands: the Vision of Ted Turner, published by Rizzoli New York, celebrates his father’s historic conservation efforts on twenty-three Turner family properties. 

These lands, once totaling over two million acres, range from the Rocky Mountains and Dakota prairies to the foothills and coastal plains of the American Southeast. Turner's dramatic landscapes and wildlife portraits from these locales illustrate ways in which private land stewardship, practiced for the benefit of native species, and done in an economically sustainable way, can be successful and sustainable.

In coordination with the book, Museum of the Rockies is pleased to present the exhibition, Conserving America’s Wildlands: the Vision of Ted Turner - Photography by Rhett Turner featuring numerous color prints, made during Rhett’sn visits to the wilderness areas preserved by his father.

Image: © Rhett Turner, Bison, McGinley, Nebraska, Courtesy of Rhett Turner and Rizzoli Books