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Sheep Ranching in Paradise: Photographs of John Haberstroh

Sheep Ranching in Paradise:
The Photographs of John C. Haberstroh

This collection of 75 black and white photographs produced by the Photo Archive at the Museum of the Rockies documents the operations of one of the largest sheep ranches in southwest Montana. From spring lambing, shearing, high-mountain grazing and cross-country herding, the exhibition chronicles sheep ranching in the Paradise Valley of the Yellowstone River through the beautiful photographs of John C. Haberstroh.

John Haberstroh began making photographs in 1915, using a folding Kodak model 3A, a camera he used exclusively for over thirty years. His growing talent and knowledge of photography led to his becoming manager of the photography department for Sax and Fryers in Livingston, Montana in the early twenties and through store displays, John began to market his photographs successfully. It was also during this time that John began photographing the operations of the Harvat sheep ranch in Livingston and the Paradise Valley, a project that he would eventually devote over thirty years too.

What's great about it!

The exhibition “Sheep Ranching in Paradise” combines the aesthetic fine art photography of John Haberstroh and a documentary view of sheep ranching in Montana. The exhibit presents life on a sheep ranch from spring lambing, early summer shearing, summer high mountain grazing, fall shipping, and the daily lives of the sheep herder and his dog.

What’s in it!

  • 75 images in 20x24 in. wooden frames
  • 250-300 linear feet
  • 6 text panels – 1 Intro panel and 5 descriptive panels

For more information and a complete exhibit spec sheet, please call Patrick Leiggi at 406-994-3983 or email; or call David Kinsey at 406-994-5277 or email