Yellowstone National Park: A Concept that Captivated the World

Yellowstone National Park:
A Concept that Captivated the World.

Yellowstone National Park: A Concept That Captivated The World is a milestone in the cultural history of national parks worldwide. Never before has an exhibition focused on the role that visitors and visitation play on the operation of the world’s   national parks. Countries from around the world have been captivated by the Yellowstone model, and have for more than a century replicated its tourism and entrepreneurial concepts.

Drawing on the resources of its own collections as well as those of the U. S. National Park Service, the Museum of the Rockies presents a groundbreaking exhibition about the world’s first national park, how it captivated the imagination of people from around the world to visit Yellowstone, and to experience the national parks known globally as, “Yellowstone’s Children.” “Yellowstone” traces the ways visitors traveled to Yellowstone National Park and where they stayed and where they played once they arrived.

This exhibition utilizes graphics, artifacts, and audio/video components to tell the story of how Yellowstone National Park emerged as an important tourist destination and model for national parks worldwide. With commercial business advertising and the creation of the U. S. National Park Service in 1916 “Yellowstone” demonstrates how the commercial model shaped the experiences that tourists have when visiting Yellowstone National Park, and national parks around the world! 

What's great about it!

  • Explores the creation of the world's first national park and the philosophy of preserving wild places for recreation.
  • Examines the balancing act between conservation and recreation that challenge parks worldwide.
  • Traces the development of tourism in the American West.
  • Introduces audiences to Yellowstone and the many ways in which visitors have enjoyed it since its founding in 1872.
  • Highlights the entrepreneurs, scientists, soldiers and environmental advocates who created and shaped both Yellowstone National Park and America's National Park Service.

What’s in it!

  • Over 200 rare objects, framed works, prints, and documents.
  • Exhibit cases for all artifacts.
  • Full text panels, interpretive panels, and labels.
  • Videos and monitors.
  • Scenic elements and photographic murals.
  • The interactive section that will entice audiences to visit Yellowstone National Park!

For more information and a complete exhibit spec sheet, please call Patrick Leiggi at 406-994-3983 or email; or call David Kinsey at 406-994-5277 or email