Digging into Dinosaurs: Ask a Paleontologist

How do you become a paleontologist? What are the different jobs within paleontology? Bring your questions for a LIVE Q&A with one of the museum's paleontologists and learn about the schooling, skills, and smarts needed to dig dinosaurs for a living. We will be answering your questions live, so be sure to bring your curiosity and your best questions!

Do you DIG dinosaurs? Join Museum of the Rockies for a three-part series all about PALEONTOLOGY! Museum of the Rockies has one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the United States, and we want to share them with YOU! In this virtual series, you will learn about Montana’s dinosaurs and geology, take a virtual guided tour of the Hall of Horns and Teeth, and ask questions to our paleontologists. Attend all three programs and receive a Junior Paleontologist certificate, signed by our John R. Horner Curator of Paleontology Dr. John Scannella!