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Deaccessioned or Retired Items

Museum of the Rockies has produced a list of recently deaccessioned or retired items from its history collection.

These items were given unconditionally to the museum with the understanding that they may be removed (deaccessioned) from the collection.

Museum of the Rockies declines items that do not meet our mission and scope of collections. By policy, Museum of the Rockies may deaccession artifacts for a number of reasons. The items offered here are from the following categories:

  1. Non-relevance/lack of provenance: Artifacts that are outside of the museum’s mission and collecting scope, are no longer relevant to the museum’s mission and collection scope, and/or have no originating information may be disposed of properly.
  2. Incomplete: Artifacts that are fragmentary, substantially degraded, or otherwise broken beyond reasonable repair may be disposed of properly. This condition may have been how the artifact was received from the donor or it may result from destructive events or inherent weaknesses in the object.
  3. Duplication: Objects that duplicate other collections artifacts which are in better condition or more thoroughly documented may be disposed of properly.

Objects will be dispositioned according to the following priorities:

  1. A non-profit museum wherein objects will be protected for long-term preservation and may serve a valid purpose in research, education or exhibition.
  2. For use in public education at an institution of higher learning or a library.
  3. For use in public education at a primary or secondary school.
  4. For use in public education by a non-profit organization.

If you are a representative of any of the above institutions or organizations, please peruse the following lists. If you see a group of items or a single item that is of interest to your institution or organization and would like more information or to arrange a transfer, please contact Lisa Verwys, Registrar & Collections Manager, at the email or phone number listed below. Please note that these lists will not be updated, so the item(s) you are interested in may no longer be available.

Interested parties must make arrangements to retrieve items or will be responsible for the cost of shipping.

MOR’s goal is to locate a new home for these objects with the intent that they will help further the mission of another institution or organization. Please do not wait, as these lists will expire on August 1, 2019.

Lisa Verwys
Registrar & Collections Manager for Cultural History

Museum of the Rockies
Bozeman, MT 59717

MOR Box 6 Games and Sports 
MOR Box 7 Medical Massagers and Vibrators
MOR Box 9 Medical, Surgical, Eyeglasses
MOR Box 19 Dishes, Cups, Bowls
MOR Box 24 Kitchen Utensils
MOR Box 25 Locks, Candles, LIghtbulbs, Misc
MOR Box 37 Tools, Fragments, Misc
MOR Box 41 Clothing and Accessory
MOR Box 46 Writing Implements
MOR Box 49 Printing, Drafting, Art Related
MOR Box 67 Railroad and Other Tools
MOR Box 70 Household Fixtures
MOR Box 85 Household Electrical and Mouse Traps
MOR Box 96 Apothecary
MOR Box 109 Natural History
MOR Boxes 1, 2, 12, 4 Skates, Sports, Lanterns, Fishing
MOR Boxes 8, 11, 13 Medical, Lanterns, Phonograph Albums & Parts
MOR Boxes 10A, 10B, 10C, 16A, 16B Vases, Knickknacks, Misc
MOR Boxes 14, 17, 18 Telescopes, Tankards, Kitchen Tools
MOR Boxes 21, 30, 36, 42 Bowls, Molds, Tools, Flax Carders, Sewing
MOR Boxes 22, 55, 20, 91 Appliances, Irons, Cooking Utensils, Bearings
MOR Boxes 26, 60, 71 Large Objects, Bits, Stirrups, Sprinklers, Torches, Lighters
MOR Boxes 27A, 27B, 33A Utensils, Fire Tools, SIgns
MOR Boxes 32, 31, 3, 110 Farm-related, Farm Equipment, Tools, Sporting Goods, Sheet Music
MOR Boxes 38, 47, 50 Miscellaneous, Paper and office, Pulleys
MOR Boxes 39, 40, 79, 73 Vise, Perferator, Telegraph and Radio, Shoemakers Tools
MOR Boxes 43, 45 Tools, Latches, Fragments
MOR Boxes 48, 102 Bookends, Clips, Bottles, Jars, Stoppers
MOR Boxes 51, 53, 56 Typewriters, Stoves and related, Sadiron Stands
MOR Boxes 59, 72, 74, 78 Veterinary, Staplers, etc, Chains, Lugs, Nuts
MOR Boxes 61, 44 Harness Fragments, Bridles, Electric Objects, Door Plates
MOR Boxes 64, 65 Doorknobs and Lock Sets
MOR Boxes 66, 68 Office Related and Piano Rolls
MOR Boxes 77, 81 Lugs, Nuts, Hooks
MOR Boxes 80, 82, 88, 91 Gauges, Meters, Hooks, Oil Cans, Motors
MOR Boxes 84, 34, 105 Counters, Cutters, Cooking Pots, Bottles
MOR Boxes 87, 90, 93 Electrical Appliances, Perferator, Tools
MOR Boxes 97A, 97B, 100 Liquor Bottles, Apothecary Bottles, Pots
MOR Boxes 99, 28 Liquor Bottles, Electrical & Scientific Objects
MOR Boxes 101, 103, 104 Bottles
MOR Boxes 106A and 106B Cans and Boxes for Food Storage
MOR Boxes 107A and 107B Cans and Packages
MOR Misc Clothing, Closures, Flesher, Cavalry Uniform, Tools
MOR Non-accession dispositions