Sam Rosenbaum

Sam Rosenbaum
Youth and School Program Manager

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Sam has always had an interest in both natural and social sciences. Inspired by the Indiana Jones movies and a love for treasure hunting, Sam developed a passion for archaeology. He followed this passion to Bozeman, Montana, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in anthropology from Montana State University in 2022. Sam has participated in and led ethnographic surveys and archaeological digs in Mongolia, Israel, Southwestern USA, and the Apsáalooke nation.

Sam has spent the better part of a decade working as an educator and manager for summer camps, non-profits, and universities. When he moved to Bozeman, Sam spent much of his time with Montana State University as a teaching assistant and tutor. As field manager with Environment Colorado, Sam worked to “save the bee,” raising funds and organizing communities to protect our most beautiful natural spaces. During his time with Environmental Colorado, Sam helped kickstart a campaign to ensure the transition to renewable energy in the state.

Sam enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, and searching for bigfoot in his spare time.

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