StarLab / Portable Planetarium

StarLab / Portable Planetarium

MOR has two classic StarLab systems for use by educators across the state of Montana. The StarLab provides an opportunity for students who cannot visit the Taylor Planetarium to experience the night sky at their school. With a variety of topics available, the StarLab has countless ways to tie the night sky into any classroom curriculum.

MOR’s two StarLabs are used heavily throughout the school year. For the StarLab curriculum and information on how these cylinders meet national standards, please visit the StarLab website.

The following thematic cylinders come standard with MOR’s StarLab:

  • Milky Way Starfield
  • Native American Constellations
  • Greek Mythology
  • Constellations

The following thematic cylinders are also available upon request:

  • Egyptian Mythology
  • African Mythology
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Solar System and Galaxy

StarLab Rental Fee
$200/week or $50/day, plus the return shipping cost to MOR or to the next school. Shipping costs range from $100 - $200 one way. You can also arrange to pick up or drop off at MOR to avoid shipping costs and logistics.

Reserving a StarLab
To reserve the StarLab, please email