Museum of the Rockies brings the world to Montana,
and shares Montana with the world.

The museum brings in three to five changing exhibitions a year to share the world with members and visitors of all ages. Experience the science, art, culture, and history offered in these unique and diverse changing exhibits.

The museum's primary exhibits include Landforms/Lifeforms and Dinosaurs Under The Big Sky in the Siebel Dinosaur Complex, Welcome to Yellowstone Country, Enduring Peoples, and the Paugh History Hall. On the second floor is the Martin Children’s Discovery Center and its exhibit, Explore Yellowstone, specially designed for visitors up to eight years old.

Rusty, the draft horse, is located next to the museum's entrance road near Kagy Blvd. This sculpture is one of Jim Dolan's most recognizable art pieces. It has been a faithful resident at MOR since the early 1980s when the schoolchildren of Bozeman collected recyclable cans raising funds to gift Rusty to the museum.

Big Mike, the impressive life-size Tyrannosaurus rex, welcomes you to the museum. This bronze sculpture was created from a mold of the fossil bones of the Wankel T. rex or MOR 555.

MOR's seasonal outdoor exhibit is the Living History Farm, an 1890s Montana homestead comprised of the Tinsley House and its surrounding gardens, orchard, and fields.

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Montana's T. rex. at Museum of the Rockies.
Siebel Dinosaur Complex

Current Exhibit, Primary Exhibit

Museum of the Rockies (MOR) is a center of active research and exploration into the ancient past. Fossils have been...

View Siebel Dinosaur Complex
Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment

Current Exhibit, Changing Exhibit

For the last decade, some of the most powerful and impactful stories published by National Geographic have been produced by...

View Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment
Holding Pond, Open Pit Mine, 1996, Oil on Canvas by Chester Arnold,
Environmental Impact II

Current Exhibit, Changing Exhibit

Environmental Impact II features more than 50 artworks, including paintings, photography, sculptures, and film, focused on generating public attention surrounding...

View Environmental Impact II
A hand-made Bobcat made from recycled materials.
Explore Yellowstone

Current Exhibit, Primary Exhibit

As the museum continues to resume and reimagine our public programming, we are happy to share that Explore Yellowstone in...

View Explore Yellowstone
The full-size bison next to a map of Yellowstone National Park.
Welcome to Yellowstone Country

Current Exhibit, Primary Exhibit

The Robert L. Gardner Gallery is home to our Welcome to Yellowstone Country exhibit. This presentation acquaints visitors with Yellowstone...

View Welcome to Yellowstone Country
Selis (Salish) couple at pow wow, St. Ignatius, MT, ca. 1915.
Enduring Peoples

Current Exhibit, Primary Exhibit

This exhibition examines the lifeways of American Indians living on the Northern Plains and near the Rocky Mountains and illustrates how...

View Enduring Peoples
The Olds Touring Car next to the 1930s house in the Paugh History Hall.
Paugh History Hall

Current Exhibit, Primary Exhibit

The museum’s history hall shares the compelling stories that connect us with the Northern Rocky Mountains, illuminating our lives and...

View Paugh History Hall
A full view of bronze T. rex sculpture Big Mike located in front of the museum.
Big Mike

Current Exhibit, Primary Exhibit

Big Mike is a bronze statue replica of MOR 555, a Tyrannosaurus rex, discovered in 1988 by Kathy Wankel, and greets you upon...

View Big Mike
LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting

Changing Exhibit, Coming Soon

The birth of the modern car occurred over 150 years ago in Germany. The first internal combustion, a petroleum-fueled motorcycle came...

View LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting
Human Plus: Real Lives + Real Engineering

Changing Exhibit, Coming Soon

Human Plus offers visitors a chance to explore and create a range of low- and high-tech tools that extend the...

View Human Plus: Real Lives + Real Engineering
Apsáalooke Women and Warriors

Changing Exhibit, Coming Soon

The Apsáalooke [ap-SAH-loo-gah] people of the Northern Plains are known for their bravery, artistry, and extravagance. Celebrate the prominence of...

View Apsáalooke Women and Warriors
The circa 1880s Tinsley House in the summer with yellow flowers in the field around it.
Living History Farm

Primary Exhibit, Seasonal

Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend The Living History Farm represents a homestead typical of those found in southwestern...

View Living History Farm
Two women from the Seven Masters word block print exhibition.
​Seven Masters: 20th-Century Japanese Woodblock Prints

Past Changing Exhibit

As the once-isolated nation of Japan entered the 20th century and began to assimilate a new, Westernized culture, demand for...

View ​Seven Masters: 20th-Century Japanese Woodblock Prints
Catch of the Day Brooks Falls, Alaska | 1988 | Thomas D. Mangelsen  |  The Legacy Reserve Collection
Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild

Past Changing Exhibit

A LIFE IN THE WILD is an exhibition containing 40 of Mangelsen's most resonant images that take viewers on a journey...

View Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild
Savage Ancient Seas Fossil
Savage Ancient Seas

Past Changing Exhibit

Move over, dinosaurs! Massive marine monsters have emerged in the changing exhibit, Savage Ancient Seas. Dive into an ancient underwater world of 7...

View Savage Ancient Seas
The Vikings Begin

Past Changing Exhibit

The Vikings Begin will feature boat burial artifacts, helmets, swords, jewelry, glass vessels, bowls, and more. The collection of artifacts...

View The Vikings Begin