Presenting Prehistory: A Paleontology Lecture Series

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Tyrannosaurus rex: The Record of a Ruler, from Terrifying Teenager to Towering Tyrant

Even with over one hundred years of intense scientific study, paleontologists are still making discoveries about Tyrannosaurus rex. Most of what we know about T. rex growth and behavior comes from studying the shape of its bones, but a completely different kind of growth record is preserved inside them. Paleohistologist and MSU alumna Dr. Holly Woodward explains how the stories told by microscopic features within the bones of the Tyrant King teach us even more about the world’s most iconic dinosaur.

Discoveries made by paleontologists continue to shed new light on the deep past of the planet and the creatures that arose here. This speaker series explores recent findings and current hypotheses as conveyed by scientists who are actively exploring how life on Earth has changed through time and what the fossils of extinct organisms can teach us about the world today. Refreshments are provided post-lecture during speaker meet and greet. Registration is strongly encouraged. Wearing a face mask is required in the lecture hall.

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Past Lectures:

February 2 | Mysterious Marine Reptiles from Ancient Montana
Join MOR's Paleontology Collections Manager - Registrar Eric Metz on a deep dive into exciting new findings regarding the vast seaway that once covered Montana. Encounter mosasaurs, elasmosaurs, andDolichorhynchops, one of the last plesiosaurs, and discover how these creatures survived in an ancient abyss.

March 2 | Reconstructing the Paleo Landscapes of Southwest Montana
Join MSU Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences Dr. Devon Orme on a journey through geologic time and how geologists reconstruct the landscapes of Earth's ancient past. This presentation will cover significant periods of landscape change across southwest Montana, with a focus on her group's recent findings on what the Bozeman region looked like during the Mesozoic Era.

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