Rocky Rex

Rocky Rex

Rocky Rex, the famously friendly T.rex mascot of Museum of the Rockies (MOR), has a heartwarming story that began in November of 2012. It was during a field expedition in the remote badlands of Eastern Montana that MOR's dedicated team of field paleontologists stumbled upon the magnificent Rocky Rex. Despite being one of the largest dinosaurs to ever roam the Earth, Rocky Rex was feeling a little scared and incredibly lonely. Even T.rexes need companionship!

With gentle care and a heartfelt plea from the field paleontologists to spare them from becoming a meal, Rocky Rex found solace and safety in calling Museum of the Rockies his forever home.

The arrival of Rocky Rex filled the museum with boundless excitement. And it quickly became apparent that this magnificent creature had an endearing personality. Rocky Rex possessed an incredible fondness for people, particularly children, and his sweet nature endeared him to everyone he encountered. But above all, Rocky Rex had an insatiable appetite for hugs.

Since becoming a cherished member of the MOR family, Rocky Rex has embarked on thrilling adventures. He has danced his way through the vibrant Sweet Pea Parade, showcasing his infectious joy to the community. At Montana State University's Bobcat Stadium, Rocky Rex even showcased his athletic prowess by catching a football in the end zone, much to the delight of onlookers. Not confining his presence to the museum's walls, Rocky Rex has also ventured into classrooms across the Gallatin Valley, captivating the imaginations of young minds.

Rocky Rex's magnetic charm has transcended borders as well. Armed with his pre-historic passport, he embarked on an international journey to Japan, where he paid a visit to one of MOR's sister museums, the Mifune Dinosaur Museum in Kumamoto. There, he had a delightful encounter with their own dinosaur mascot named Finemaru, forging a unique bond between two dinosaur ambassadors.

Rocky Rex's infectious jubilance has made him an integral part of the MOR community. His playful nature knows no bounds, and he effortlessly forms connections with people from all walks of life. So, when you have the pleasure of visiting Museum of the Rockies, be sure to keep an eye out for Rocky Rex. And don't forget to give him the warmest of hugs, for that's what he treasures the most. In return, you'll experience the sheer delight and wonder that this larger-than-life T.rex brings to all who encounter him.

In bringing Rocky Rex to life back in the summer of 2012, MOR’s design team created some basic looks for our new friend. Then, with the help of a Looney Times company, the design was modified to create today’s very engaging character. Even our paleontology department had a say in the final design to make sure our T.rex mascot was a realistic portrayal of a T.rex. In November of 2012, Museum of the Rockies launched a multi-media campaign to name our new mascot, and the MOR staff voted on all the entries - the winning name came from Tammy DeRieux of Anaconda, Montana. Rocky Rex made his first public debut at the 2012 Christmas Stroll in downtown Bozeman, where he had his picture taken with many admiring new fans.

At this time, Rocky Rex is not available for public appearances. When this changes, we will update this information.

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