Taylor Planetarium

Taylor Planetarium

The Taylor Planetarium Team at Museum of the Rockies is a collaborative group of professionals and dedicated volunteers who work together to create engaging and educational experiences for visitors.

The team is led by a manager who oversees the operations of the planetarium and guides its vision and programming. They are responsible for coordinating the efforts of the team and ensuring that the planetarium functions smoothly.

Show presenters play a crucial role in delivering captivating and informative presentations to audiences. They possess a deep understanding of astronomy and space science, as well as the ability to effectively communicate complex concepts in an accessible manner. Show presenters use their expertise to guide visitors through immersive experiences and help them explore the wonders of the universe.

Technical support staff members are responsible for maintaining and operating the advanced projection and audio systems in the planetarium. They ensure that the equipment is in optimal condition, providing high-quality visuals and immersive sound during shows. These individuals have expertise in the technical aspects of the planetarium and are skilled in troubleshooting and resolving any technical issues that may arise.

Education specialists work closely with the planetarium team to develop educational programs and activities that align with the museum's mission. They create curriculum materials, design interactive experiences, and coordinate school visits and outreach programs. Education specialists are passionate about inspiring curiosity and fostering a love for astronomy and space science among learners of all ages.

Volunteers also play an important role in supporting the Taylor Planetarium team. They may assist with show presentations, guide visitors, provide information, and help with various operational tasks. Their dedication and enthusiasm contribute to creating a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for visitors.

The collective efforts of the Taylor Planetarium Team aim to provide visitors with memorable and educational experiences that ignite curiosity and expand their understanding of the universe. Through their expertise, passion, and collaboration, they contribute to making the planetarium a vibrant and enriching destination within Museum of the Rockies.