Early Learning

Early Learning

Museum of the Rockies is dedicated to nurturing the minds of young children through our exceptional early childhood programs. We believe in inspiring children to think creatively, expand their horizons, and embrace the joy of learning something new. Extensive research demonstrates that children begin learning from the moment they are born, and the preschool years are crucial for developing habits that lay the foundation for future academic success.

Our early childhood programs are thoughtfully designed to stimulate children's imaginations, encourage exploration of their surroundings, and promote hands-on discovery. We understand the importance of providing engaging and interactive experiences that captivate young minds and foster a love for lifelong learning. As a testament to our commitment, all of these programs are offered free of charge for our valued members. Join us as a member today to unlock the full benefits and enjoy these enriching programs with your child.

To stay updated on the program dates and offerings, we invite you to visit the calendar page on our website. There, you will find the most current listing of our exciting early childhood programs, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage your child in a transformative learning experience.

Museum of the Rockies takes pride in being an active member of the Greater Gallatin Early Childhood Community Council. As a member, we actively contribute to the promotion of healthy early childhood growth and development for all children in Gallatin County. We believe that investing in the well-being of our community's children sets the stage for a brighter future.

Join us at Museum of the Rockies, where early childhood education is celebrated and nurtured. Together, let's inspire young minds, ignite curiosity, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

Sensational Babies

Join our popular museum program and discover fun sensory awareness activities designed for newborns up to 18 months old. Engage with your baby through interactive shared reading, singing, movement, and exploration experiences.

Our programming aims to support the development of babies aged 0-18 months, but siblings are also welcome to attend. Come and learn, play, sing, and read with your little one!

View the museum calendar for upcoming Sensational Babies programs.

Little Learners

Do you want to encourage your toddler's inquisitiveness and independence? This museum program offers an interactive experience for toddlers and their caregivers, including shared reading, singing and movement activities, and sensory exploration.

The program is designed to aid the development of toddlers aged 1 - 3 years, and siblings are welcome to attend.

View the museum calendar for upcoming Little Learners programs.

Preschool Pioneers

Are you searching for an interactive and educational program for your curious preschooler? Look no further than our Preschool Pioneers program!

Designed for children aged 3 - 5 and their caregivers, this program offers a variety of activities such as shared reading, singing, movement, and hands-on experiences.

Each week, we focus on a topic related to one of the museum's exhibits, allowing participants to explore and ask questions. Our program is specifically designed to support the development of preschoolers, but siblings are also welcome to attend. Join us today for a fun and engaging learning experience!

View the museum calendar for upcoming Preschool Pioneers programs.