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Brews & the Big Sky

Brews & the Big Sky:
Montana Made, Montana Brewed.

Brews & the Big Sky explores the unique history of the Big Sky state paired with unique Montana brews. Enjoy an adults-only night out as the museum becomes a lively venue for drinks and local history. Sample beer from a featured Montana brewery, enjoy light appetizers and wander through MOR’s exhibitions.

Enjoy informal gallery talks at 6 & 6:30 p.m. in an exhibit gallery. Explore items from MOR’s collections, ask questions, and learn more about Montana’s past. This popular adults-only evening at MOR is the perfect way to discover great brews and the history of the Big Sky state.

Winter 2020 Brews & the Big Sky Monthly Programs
Last Tuesday of February – April | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. | Age 21+ only
$15 admission includes beer tasting, gallery talks, exhibits, & light appetizers.

Space is limited. Tickets are required for all events. Having trouble registering? Call 406-994-5257.

These events will all be pre-ticketed. Tickets are transferable, but all program participants must be 21 years of age and will be asked for ID at the event.

Winter 2020 Programs & Sponsors

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Dude Ranches
Featuring MOR's Curator of History Michael Fox, Ten Mile Creek Brewery, and The Mint Café & Bar

In 1879, Howard Eaton founded the Custer Trail Ranch near Medora, ND. Inviting friends from back East to visit, Eaton found that guests were willing to pay for a real western experience and soon found that this trade was more lucrative than running cattle. By 1926, dozens of so-called "dude ranches" dotted the western states with a large number surrounding Yellowstone National Park. Learn about Eaton and the adventures of the dudes and dude ranchers and how they brought a new kind of visitor to our region.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Montana in the 1890s
Featuring MOR’s Curator of History Michael Fox, Meadowlark Brewing, and Pizza Campania

The 1890s were important years in Montana. The newly created state of Montana saw the opening of its third transcontinental railroad; rural and urban electrification spread rapidly, and mining technologies kept the mines humming and turning a profit. But the era also a national depression, labor difficulties, and uncertain political times. Explore this fascinating period and how it defined the early days of the treasure state.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Women Vote!
Featuring The Extreme History Project's Crystal Alegria, Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company, and The Mint Café and Bar

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage with a presentation about the fight for voting rights across Montana communities. The 19th amendment to the US Constitution didn't happen overnight. Far from it, women and men worked for over a century to obtain the right of women to vote. Join us for a look at the Montanans that made it all possible in 1920.
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Fall 2019 Programs & Sponsors

September 24, 2019
The Bozeman Trail 
Featuring MOR's Curator of History Michael Fox, Katabatic Brewing Company, & Pizza Campania

In the spring of 1863, John Bozeman, his partner John Jacobs, and Jacob’s eleven-year-old daughter journeyed east from the Gallatin Valley. Their search for a new emigrant trail from the Oregon Trail in Wyoming to the gold mines at Bannock and later Virginia City, in what was then the territory of Idaho, would shape Montana history and ensure that Bozeman became an important agricultural and urban center. Join us for a discussion of their adventures and misadventures on a short-lived, but a critically important western trail.
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October 29, 2019
Ancient Humans and Ice Age Mammal Extinction
Featuring MOR's Paleontology Registrar and Collections Manager Amy Atwater, Lewis & Clark Brewing Company, & Backcountry Burger Bar

Thousands of years ago Montana’s landscape was home to strange mammals. Giant sloths, woolly mammoths, dire wolves, camels, horses, cave bears and more all went extinct around 11,000 years ago in North America. While climate change and disease may have played a role, another mammal showed up right before this extinction event occurred: humans. Come learn about the role of humans in the Ice Age Megafaunal Extinction.
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November 19, 2019
Light on the Land: The Photographs of Albert Schlechten
Featuring MOR's Curator of Art and Photography Steve Jackson, KettleHouse Brewing Company, & Pizza Campania

View the landscape photographs of Albert Schlechten and work of one of Montana’s best landscape photographers.
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