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Digital Collections & Exhibitions

Digital Collections & Exhibitions

Explore select collections and exhibits from Museum of the Rockies.

Topics include:

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Photo Archive

Museum of the Rockies' Photo Archive contains over 60,000 photographs. It is a preservation and research collection of historical photography from the Northern Rockies Region of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The archive collects and preserves photographs from the late 1860s to the 1980s that document the people, places, industry, and events of the region.

Explore these photos to support historical research or use them as inspiration for writing.

Museum of the Rockies partners with the Yellowstone Writing Project to create new learning opportunities for educators and youth at the intersections of science and literacy, and formal and informal education. Teachers and students with the Yellowstone Writing Project programs explore museum exhibits and collections through writing. 

Consider using one of these suggested writing prompts to explore MOR’s photos archive:

  • Write from the point of view of one of the people in the picture. What is their story?
  • Write from the point of view of the photographer who took the picture and describes that day in history.
  • Write a piece of journalism about the scene in the picture. For example, what newsworthy event could have affected these people or this place?
  • Imagine that the photograph has been lost for a number of years. You have found it, traced the original owner and are now handing it over to them. What is their reaction?

For more ideas on how to encourage your child to write, explore the National Writing Project’s website.

Marlene Saccoccia Quilt Heritage Project

Museum of the Rockies preserves over 100 quilts in its cultural history collection. The quilts represent the time period from circa 1775 to 1994. The quilts in this collection hold family memories, connect communities, and tell stories about the people who made or used them.

View the entire collection on the Montana Memory Project website.

Quilts in this collection with stories for students to explore include:

  • "Cherry Wreath Applique" (in History Hall exhibit as "Remembrance Quilt" 2002.2.1)
  • "Rainbow Star Medallion Brights Crib Quilt" (in History Hall exhibit, Native American star quilt, 95.14.1)
  • "Rainbow Star Medallion Blue and Red" (in History Hall exhibit, Native American Star Quilt, 95.14.2)
  • "Slashed Star" (2007.23.1)
  • "Basket of Flowers" (94.29.1)
  • "Double Wedding Ring Yellow" (2004.7.5)
  • "Sampler Red and Green" (2018.10.1)
  • "Trip Around the World" (83.65.8)
  • "Sampler Daugherty Sisters Pattern Quilt" (2004.7.4)
  • "Montana Centennial Quilt" (2019.5.1)
  • "Nine Patch Quilt Top" (2001.19.1)
  • "Paper Pieced Quilt Top" (2000.15.1)
  • "Postage Stamp Madder Browns" or "Postage Stamp Madder Browns and Shirtings" (85.12.12, 85.12.13)

View, download, and color in the Marlene Saccoccia Quilt Heritage Project Coloring Book.


Explore the museum’s exhibit text panels and labels.

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