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Museum of the Rockies is happy to provide you with resources to engage with some of the vast wonders of the universe.  Through grants and partnerships, MOR is delighted to share these with you! 

Explore these astronomy topics with free lessons and activities for all ages. 

  • Sun, Earth, & Moon 
  • Constellations 
  • Montana Skies: Blackfeet Astronomy & Crow Astronomy  
  • Black Hole Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Additional Resources


NASA@ My Library Resources 

  • NASA STEM Facilitation Kit 1 - Sun Earth Moon Connections 
    • Modeling meaningful eclipses, UV Kid!, Sorting Games: How Big: How Far? How Hot?, and Jump to Jupiter 
    • Kit 1 Materials List
  • NASA STEM Facilitation Kit 2 - Be a NASA Detective: Expanding your Senses 
    • Planet PartyPocket Solar SystemLoony Lunar PhasesArt and the Cosmic ConnectionInvestigating the Insides, and Taking Earth’s Temperature 
    • Kit 2 Materials List

Hide and Seek Moon Activity

Adapted from the National Informal Stem Education Network


Star Wheel: Guide to the Night Sky 

from the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley

Create a Star Story Activity


Blackfeet Astronomy

Montana’s Office of Public Instruction Curriculum Guide & Videos  |  Developed by Lynn Moroney, 2001

Crow Astronomy

Montana’s Office of Public Instruction  Curriculum Guide & Videos  |  Developed by Lynn Moroney, 2001

Black Hole Jigsaw Puzzle

For all ages | You can change the number of puzzle pieces to adjust the difficulty level.

Additional Resources

NASA at Home

NASA STEM Engagement  

National Informal STEM Education Network 

PBS: NOVA Resources for At-Home Learning 

Lunar and Planetary Institute - Constellations 

StarDate: Constellation Guide  

Sky & Telescope: Interactive Sky Chart