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Art & Photography

Art & Photography

Historic photographs provide a significant visual record of the past. Many historic images hold rich and interesting stories, stories that go beyond the moment captured by the camera. This series of short videos tell a few of the many stories from the historic photographic collections at the Museum of the Rockies.

Stories from the Photo Archive #2  |  First Ascent of Granite Peak

Target Grade Levels: All ages  |  Recorded April 2020  |  Length: 10 minutes
The James C. Whitham collection features a significant photographic record of early U. S. Forest Service history in Montana. The collection contains a unique series of images documenting the first ascent of Montana’s highest mountain, Granite Peak. Whitham’s Photo Archive photographs help to tell this important story.

Stories from the Photo Archive #1

Target Grade Levels: All ages  |  Recorded April 2020  |  Length: 4 minutes