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Astronomy Outreach Kits

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Cosmic Colors

Explore light waves, prisms, energy, and the electromagnetic spectrum with this kit’s materials and lesson plans! Students can study light by building spectroscopes, conducting experiments, learning about telescopes, and investigating the mathematics behind light and other kinds of electromagnetic energy.

Cosmic Colors Kit Contents

Cosmic Colors Content Standards

Cosmic Colors Resources

NASA Lesson: Build a Spectroscope

NASA Lesson: Discovering Color with a Prism

NASA Lesson: Wavelength and Energy

Lesson: How Light Moves


Living in Space

This kit enables students to investigate different scientific topics associated with space travel and the International Space Station. Lessons explore microgravity, human nutrition, energy reflection and absorption, and the different behaviors of living organisms in outer space. The kit includes many interactive and engaging activities designed to enhance students’ knowledge of technology, physics, and life science.

Living in Space Kit Contents

Living in Space Content Standards

Living in Space Resources

Lesson: Food for Spaceflight

Lesson: Cool Suits

Lesson: Get a Leg Up

Lesson: Micro-Gravity

Lesson: Build a Space Station



MOR’s Rockets Kit introduces students to the physics of rockets and space travel. The kit and its lessons provide the guidance and materials for conducting hands-on experiments that demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion. Students can also learn about different types of rockets and their practical use in contemporary space travel. The kit includes experiments with stomp rockets, rocket cars, and balloon rockets, as well as opportunities for students to design and construct their own rockets.

Rockets Kit Contents

Rockets Content Standards

Rockets Resources

Lesson - What is a Rocket?

Lesson - Rocket Cars

Lesson - Balloon Rockets

NASA Lesson - Rocket Launching

Lesson - Stomp Rockets

Lesson - Investigating Air Pressure


The Moon

What is the moon made of, and how was it formed? Why do we see different kinds of moons throughout the year? What is a crater, and why are craters different sizes? This kit’s lessons and materials help students investigate these questions with skits, experiments, books, images, and demonstrations. Also included in the kit is Blackfeet Skies: An Educational Guide Based on Blackfeet Sky Knowledge.

The Moon Kit Contents

The Moon Content Standards

The Moon Resources

Lesson - Lunar Formation Skits

Lesson - Phases of the Moon

Lesson - Mining for Moon Rocks

Lesson - Astronauts in Training 

Lesson - Moon Cratering