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Yellowstone Outreach Kits

MOR provides four different kits relating to Yellowstone National Park: Thermal Features, Prairie Ecosystem, Forest Ecosystem, and Riparian/Wetland Ecosystem. These interdisciplinary kits teach students about the components of an ecosystem while exploring the different kinds of Yellowstone animals. The Thermal Features kit introduces students to why and how geysers and other fascinating features exist. Lessons also incorporate writing, history, and traditional American Indian stories.

To reserve an outreach kit, please email with the outreach kit name and week you would prefer for your rental. 

Yellowstone: Thermal Features

Thermal Features Kit Contents

Thermal Features Content Standards

Lesson - Mentos and Diet Coke Geysers

Lesson - Alka-Seltzer Geysers

Lesson - Flour Powered Volcano

Lesson - Creating a Hot Springs

Lesson - Mapping Yellowstone's Thermal Features


Yellowstone: Forest Ecosystem

Yellowstone Forest Kit Contents

Yellowstone Forest Content Standards

Lesson - What is an Ecosystem?

Lesson - Exploring Forest Animals

Lesson - Forests and Fires

Lesson - Forest Stories

Lesson - Learning About Camouflage


Yellowstone: Wetland/Riparian Ecosystem

Yellowstone Wetland Kit Contents

Yellowstone Wetland Content Standards

Lesson - What is an Ecosystem?

Lesson - Wetland Birds and Mammals

Lesson - Learning about Camouflage

Lesson - Wetland Stories

Lesson - All About Beavers!


Yellowstone: Prairie Ecosystem

Yellowstone Prairie Kit Contents

Yellowstone Prairie Content Standards

Lesson - What is an Ecosystem?

Lesson - Learning About Camouflage

Lesson - Prairie Stories

Lesson - Skulls, Tracks, and Furs

Lesson - A Bear's Menu