Explore Yellowstone: Martin Children’s Discovery Center Geology Educator Guide

In partnership with Montana Outdoor Science School, bring the museum’s popular Yellowstone-themed children’s discovery center to your home!

Activities include:

  • Build the Earth: Students role-play the location and characteristics of Earth’s layers
  • Caldera Collapse: Blowing up and popping a balloon under a layer of sand creates a realistic caldera
  • Geologic Fairy Tale: A play acting out the geologic history of the Yellowstone region
  • My Pet Rock: Students examine their rock, using all the senses except taste, then discover it while blindfolded
  • Rock Cycle Roll: Students act out the rock cycle by moving through stations that represent the life cycle of a rock
  • Rock Cycle Tag: A lively game of freeze tag that acts out a simple rock cycle
  • Rock to Rock: A FANTASY JOURNEY: A story that leads students on a guided visualization of their journey as a rock through the rock cycle
  • Rocketty Rock Rock Rock: A fast-moving game that teaches the names of the three rock kingdoms and how each rock type is formed
  • Yellowstone Geologic Timeline: Students draw a mural and layout a timeline rope marking major geologic events in the Yellowstone area