Hilleman & Vaccines: Connecting Culture to Scientific Curiosity Curriculum

Funded by a Montana State University Outreach and Engagement SEED grant, this curriculum is organized around the life of Maurice Hilleman, a groundbreaking microbiologist and vaccine developer. Dr. Hilleman was born and raised in rural Montana, so these lessons will inspire curiosity in Montana’s rural students and spark interest in global public health. 

The project links photographs from Hilleman’s life, donated to Museum of the Rockies, that expand student knowledge of scientific concepts. The lessons were designed by a group of teachers from the elementary and high school level, who piloted the curriculum in their classrooms in Ekalaka, Montana, during May 2021. The content background was provided by Carter County Museum in consultation with Montana State University and Museum of the Rockies. 

This elementary guide is geared toward third-grade students. Lessons may be adapted for younger students, and there are notations on how to adapt for grades 4 - 6. Indian Education For All connecting resources is included for all ages.

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