Museum of the Rockies believes that every Montana child, regardless of income or geography, should have the chance to stare down a T. rex, weave on a 1890’s-era loom, or experience the wider world through our changing exhibits. To ensure the museum is accessible for homeschool students, MOR offers limited, free admission via field trips and periodic Homeschool Mondays. 

    Homeschool Group Field Trips

    Montana homeschool groups and families are offered complimentary admission but must pre-book their visit by emailing at least two weeks in advance.

    • Homeschool Group Field Trips are offered Monday – Friday. Field trips are not available on weekends or holidays.
    • One caregiver per family will receive free admission. Any additional adults will be charged the regular admission rate.
    • A museum scavenger hunt can be made available upon request for students in grades 2 – 12.
    • Groups booking special programs or tours must be sure to have at least 10 children of participatory age.
    • Homeschool groups will follow the same procedures and guidelines as the K-12 public and private school field trips.
    • All visitors must follow the museum’s standard policies. Please see our Plan Your Visit page for current policies.
    Sign Up for a Field Trip

    Homeschool Mondays

    Montant homeschool families may make reservations to visit Museum of the Rockies and engage in museum learning through a self-guided, thematic scavenger hunt.

    Homeschool Mondays will occur on the following 2020 dates and registration is required. Homeschool Mondays are not transferrable to any other days in each month.

    • September 20 | Museology 101
      Get to know MOR! How well do you know Museum of the Rockies? This scavenger hunt will lead you around the museum and feature fun facts about our amazing collections. Learn what makes your museum unique! Sept. 20 Register Here.
    • October 4 & 18 | Spooky, Scary, Skeletons
      Skeletons of long-extinct animals line our museum’s galleries, but how much do you know about bones? From skulls with slashing teeth to animals without bones at all, learn about the functionality of a skeleton – why do we have them? What are they made of? No bones about it – it’s going TIBIA fun time. Oct. 4 Register Here. Oct. 18 Register Here.
    • November 1 & 15 | Science and Art
      Calling all artists! Sharpen your pencil and get ready to draw. Art is essential for understanding and helping illustrate the many beautiful, weird, and wonderful aspects of science. This scavenger hunt activity will combine observation skills and imagination to help you reimagine long-extinct ancient animals. Nov. 1 Register Here. Nov. 15 Register Here.
    • December 6 | Planetarium Show: Season of Light
      Watch a special, holiday-themed show in the Taylor Planetarium. Learn about the many holiday customs that make the winter more festive. Yule logs, Christmas trees, the Hanukkah Menorah, luminaries, Santa Claus – all were taken from different cultures to fill the dark months of the year with more light. Dec. 6 Register Here.
    Museum members do not need to register as homeschool families. Simply ask for the Homeschool activity when you check-in at the Front Desk.