Schools and Educators

Schools and Educators

Dear Educators,

We would like to invite you to find out what’s NEW and learn more about educational opportunities for Montana schoolchildren and teachers from Museum of the Rockies’ (MOR).

Since 2005, MOR has supported Montana’s K-12 students by offering free admission and partial bus reimbursement for museum field trips through the Opening Doors for Montana Schoolchildren Fund. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, MOR limited the number of students visiting the museum to best address concerns of public health and safety. While COVID-19 is still present in our lives, we are better equipped to handle this new reality at MOR. As we open our doors back up to greater amounts of students each day, we have seen an increase in demand for field trips. MOR has also seen tremendous growth in outreach programs, including outreach kits, the museum’s portable planetariums or StarLab systems, and new live stream events.

To accommodate this growth, our Education team has added staff, streamlined reservation processes, programs, and added additional organizational tools on the day of field trips (including more robust schedules and more visible nametags).

How does all this growth impact you as a Montana educator? Museum of the Rockies is proud to continue providing unique and accessible field trip opportunities for Montana’s students by offering free admission and partial bus reimbursement for all Montana schoolchildren. To support our program growth, you will find the new Field Trip Request Form. Please note that all requests need to be made online and spring field trip requests need to be made earlier than in years past.

If you cannot visit us in person, bring the Museum of the Rockies to your classroom! We offer several Live Stream Events throughout the year that focus on paleontology, and exceptional outreach materials that include hands-on materials designed to bring lessons to life.

We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy all that MOR offers to Montana schools and educators - field trips, classroom resources, and more. Thank you for supporting Museum of the Rockies programs and helping us reach more Montana schoolchildren than ever before!

We look forward to working with you to engage and inspire your students’ educational adventures!


Museum of the Rockies Education Team

Sam Rosenbaum, Youth and School Program Manager

Ashley Hall, Outreach Program Manager

Steve Phelps, Volunteer Coordinator

Chelsea Hogan, Director of Education & Public Programs