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Move over dinosaurs! Massive marine monsters have emerged in MOR's changing exhibit, Savage Ancient Seas. Walk beneath what must be the fossil version of the Loch Ness Monster; a 42-foot-long Elasmosaurus. Dive into an ancient underwater world 70 million years ago when carnivorous fish and giant sea reptiles swam a vast, shallow sea spanning North America. See more than 50 prehistoric marine skeletons, many on display for the first time in Montana! While dinosaurs ruled the land, these strange, spectacular creatures ruled the sea.

In partnership with Triebold Paleontology, Incorporated, Museum of the Rockies will create an ancient underwater environment where visitors can experience enormous, vicious sea monsters of the Cretaceous Period. The exhibition includes more than 50 prehistoric marine fossils, both cast, and real specimens, mounted in extraordinary three-dimensional displays. The skeletons are mounted dramatically, many suspended from the ceiling above, immersing visitors inside an ancient aquarium of sorts. 

Exhibition Highlights:

  • A 45-foot-long Tylosaurus, the largest mosasaur skeleton ever found in North America.
  • The largest turtle that ever lived, Archelon, an enormous sea turtle with a 17-foot flipper span.
  • Flying reptiles the size of hang-gliders: Pteranodon, fly overhead with wingspans over 11 feet.
  • The vicious and large "X-fish", Xiphactinus, the biggest bony fish known.



January 23 – May 2 , 2021


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